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Residential Christmas Lighting in Miami Florida

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In need of a helping hand for residential Christmas lighting in Miami FL? At Light Er Up MIA, we turn homes big and small into breathtaking displays of holiday festivity! Our technicians install Christmas lights for your roofline and trees by following safe, dependable methods. If you’ve been itching to get into the holiday spirit, then we know you have plenty of design ideas you’d like to bring to life. Let us make those ideas a reality — sit back, relax, and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa indoors while we hang your lights to get your home ready for Christmas.

Benefits of our All Inclusive Residential Christmas Lighting Services

We offer a convenient light installation process by bringing your Christmas lights as well as hidden timers and concealed cords to your home. This way, you can rest assured that your lights will be shining only when you want them to. Rather than making lots of trips to and from the store, we also provide all of your lights for you. Our installation process is seamless and simple from beginning to end, leaving you with a display of Christmas lights for your home that you’ll want to show each and every one of your neighbors, friends, guests, and family members!

One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to hanging your Christmas lights yourself is putting yourself in harm’s way. No one wants to spend hours hanging their lights and decorations on a wobbly ladder just to slip and fall in nasty winter weather conditions. At Light Er Up MIA, our residential Christmas lighting in Miami FL follows an installation process that is completely safe. On top of that, our process is fully warranted — on the rare occasion any damage occurs while we’re installing your lights, we guarantee that you won’t need to pay a single cent for repair costs.

Once Christmas has come and gone, we offer a timely takedown (at zero cost to you) of all of your lights and decorations while ensuring that your home hasn’t sustained any damage. You’ll be able to schedule an appointment with us for our technicians to come back to your home, remove and organize all your lights, and put them into storage. When next year’s holiday season starts approaching, we’ll have everything in one place and ready to be installed once again! We guarantee to remove and store all of your lights and decorations before the end of January, weather permitting.

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Frequently Asked Residential Christmas Lighting Questions

At Light Er Up MIA, we’re able to deliver lights that have longer-lasting socket strings and bulbs. We use timers for our lights that you won’t be able to find at your local retailer. Our LEDs are top-end and retrofitted bulbs that work with nearly any residential Christmas lighting display.

That’s entirely up to you! We don’t require that the homeowners need to be present while we’re completing the installation. No matter what your availability looks like, our technicians at Light Er Up MIA can finish your exterior installation by following a completely safe, efficient process.

Our technicians begin setting up residential Christmas light displays at the beginning of October every year. We start hanging Christmas lights at the start of October since the holiday season can quickly get very busy — that’s why we recommend scheduling an appointment for your lighting installation as early as possible!

At Light Er Up MIA, we’re proud to stand apart from many competitors who don’t include maintenance in their quotes — we include a labor warranty to guarantee that any rare problems you may run into are quickly addressed. Our technicians are available for maintenance calls to ensure your lights are working perfectly all season.

At Light Er Up MIA, we can’t install any Christmas lights that you may already have. This is because we can’t guarantee warranties on lights that we don’t provide ourselves. However, our Christmas lights are of much higher quality than the ones you’ll find at your local retailer, and you won’t be disappointed with the caliber of service you receive from us!

Although our technicians at Light Er Up MIA will test all your lights after they finish installing your display, we can’t prevent one hundred percent of issues from occurring — that’s why we make ourselves available to respond to any problem you may have with your lights within two business days! Give us a call for any reason and we will work quickly to remedy the situation.

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