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Ready to show off a landscape display of epic proportions? At Light Er Up MIA, we offer landscape lighting in Miami FL for homeowners who want to bring to life the distinctive and beautiful feature that is their landscape! Your landscape is a unique and attractive feature, but you may not be able to enjoy it after the sun sets. That’s why our technicians expertly orchestrate your landscape’s fixtures to create the exact atmosphere and mood that you’re looking for. From gentle and alluring to bright and full of cheer, we can add the perfect touch to your landscape’s lighting.

Benefits of our All Inclusive Landscape Lighting Services

When you work with a professional landscape lighting company, it’s important that you have access to top-end lighting fixtures. If a company doesn’t use high-quality lighting fixtures and lighting materials, you won’t be able to capture the specific mood that you want your landscape to set. At Light Er Up MIA, we perform landscape lighting in Miami FL that uses second-to-none copper and brass lighting fixtures that form beautiful patinas over time and seamlessly mingle into your home’s landscape. Our fixtures inspire confidence and satisfaction in the homeowners with whom we work and are perfect for nearly any existing landscape.

Professionally installing lighting displays for your home’s landscape is one of the best ways to take your curb appeal to the next level. At Light Er Up MIA, we’re committed to transforming the aesthetic of your landscape to prolong your property’s beauty long after the sun has set. Our technicians are experienced and trained to highlight the most eye-catching details of your home with the help of ambient lighting and focus lighting that is perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Turn your landscape into the talk of the neighborhood and invest in your home with our professionally installed landscape lighting.

Professionally installing landscape lighting does more than just increase your property’s beauty and curb appeal — at Light Er Up MIA, we understand that landscape lighting goes a long way toward giving you greater security and safety. Keep your family members and guests from stumbling over tripping hazards with path-light fixtures that illuminate all parts of your home’s outdoor area. Even the darkest spots around your home can be lit up with professional landscape lighting, which can prevent vandalism and burglaries from occurring on your property. Invest in your comfort and security by keeping all of your home’s access points well-lit.

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Frequently Asked Landscape Lighting Questions

The energy that your landscape lighting uses depends on various factors. If you’re only using several low-voltage lighting fixtures with a transformer that has low wattage, you’ll likely notice only a minimal uptick in your energy costs. The more lighting fixtures you install, the greater the energy increase you’ll notice.

At Light Er Up MIA, we use LED lamps rather than conventional xenon and halogen lamps since LED lamps offer a greater level of safety as opposed to conventional lamps – they don’t contain mercury, don’t give off much heat while they’re on, and can be touched with your bare hand.

Although you could buy lighting fixtures yourself at your nearest Lowes or Home Depot, the fixtures we use are of much higher quality. For one, we use LED light sources rather than more common halogen or xenon sources. Additionally, our lighting fixtures are longer-lasting with greater ranges of lighting effects.

Although landscape lighting installation can be a DIY project, we recommend against installing your fixtures yourself. Our technicians are trained to prevent damage to both your lighting materials and your property’s outdoor area during the installation process, and our services are under warranty in case we run into any issues.

Our lighting systems are highly energy-efficient thanks to the LED light sources that we use. LED bulbs, on average, use as little as a quarter of the amount of energy that a conventional light source uses, which means that the landscape lighting systems that we install consume relatively little energy.

When most people think of LEDs, they imagine bright, intense white lights. These days, though, LED lights can give off nearly any color that you can think of. Our technicians can install LEDs that provide the exact color and hue that you have in mind for your landscape lighting display.


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