Frequently Asked Questions

We begin offering Christmas light installations starting in October. We do this so that we can help as many customers as possible with their designs before Christmas. We can get pretty busy once October is here, so we recommend scheduling an appointment for your installation as soon as you can.

Yes — LEDs are energy-efficient lights that are more modern than incandescent bulbs. While they do cost more upfront than their incandescent counterparts, LEDs are a smart long-term investment, which typically means that using incandescent lights isn’t cheaper in the long run when it comes to saving money on your decorations.

So long as your blown bulb’s shunt is still intact, you can count on the rest of your string to keep working. If both your shunt and bulb become damaged, though, your light string won’t have an electric current flowing through it anymore, which can cause it to stop working. Don’t worry though, with our included maintenance, if any issues arise just give us a call and our team will come fix the problem quickly!

At Light Er Up MIA, our technicians rely on tons of handy tricks to safely hang your seasonal lights. If you’d like to learn all about our Christmas light installation process, we encourage you to give us a call today so that we can explain the details to you!

The energy that your landscape lighting uses depends on various factors. If you’re only using several low-voltage lighting fixtures with a transformer that has low wattage, you’ll likely notice only a minimal uptick in your energy costs. The more lighting fixtures you install, the greater the energy increase you’ll notice.

At Light Er Up MIA, we use LED lamps rather than conventional xenon and halogen lamps since LED lamps offer a greater level of safety as opposed to conventional lamps – they don’t contain mercury, don’t give off much heat while they’re on, and can be touched with your bare hand.

Although you could buy lighting fixtures yourself at your nearest Lowes or Home Depot, the fixtures we use are of much higher quality. For one, we use LED light sources rather than more common halogen or xenon sources. Additionally, our lighting fixtures are longer-lasting with greater ranges of lighting effects.

Although landscape lighting installation can be a DIY project, we recommend against installing your fixtures yourself. Our technicians are trained to prevent damage to both your lighting materials and your property’s outdoor area during the installation process, and our services are under warranty in case we run into any issues.

Our lighting systems are highly energy-efficient thanks to the LED light sources that we use. LED bulbs, on average, use as little as a quarter of the amount of energy that a conventional light source uses, which means that the landscape lighting systems that we install consume relatively little energy.

When most people think of LEDs, they imagine bright, intense white lights. These days, though, LED lights can give off nearly any color that you can think of. Our technicians can install LEDs that provide the exact color and hue that you have in mind for your landscape lighting display.

It’s essential that commercial property owners work with lighting installers that carry the right kind of insurance — that’s why at Light Er Up MIA, we carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance to guarantee that you’re covered in the event that someone on your property gets hurt or something gets damaged.

Yes! At Light Er Up MIA, we only install LEDs that are of commercial-grade quality and that can’t be purchased at any of your local light retailers. Since we professionally install and store commercial-grade lights, you should expect your property’s lights to have a lifespan of at least ten years!

The best Christmas light installation companies will have your back if you need to have any repairs addressed. Our technicians at Light Er Up MIA take care of all lighting-related repairs at no extra cost to you so that your property’s lights are working properly for the entire holiday season.

Simply put, LED lights have transformed the Christmas lighting industry. Whereas incandescent lights can be a nightmare to install, LEDs do away with the vast majority of failure issues that come with incandescent lights. LEDs are easier to maintain and therefore can help you save money in the long run.

It’s pretty common for companies to work with independent contractors whom they don’t directly employ to take care of lighting installations. At Light Er Up MIA, our technicians directly oversee the entire installation process for your lights — we’re trained to properly install lights and maintain them throughout the holiday season.

It’s rare that commercial property owners like yourself have the time or know-how to install Christmas lights themselves. When you hire a commercial Christmas lighting installer like us, you don’t need to worry about getting on a ladder, touching an electrical cord, or repairing and replacing broken bulbs by yourself. Our team at Light Er Up MIA will handle it all for you!

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