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Christmas light hanging service

#1 Commercial Christmas Lighting in Miami FL

Attract More Customers With Brilliant Lights

At Light Er Up MIA, our commercial Christmas lighting in Miami FL is fully customized to your specific holiday decoration needs: we help design custom lighting displays tailored to your requirements, perform safe and dependable installations, and remove and store your decorations for next year’s holiday season. Our technicians tackle commercial Christmas lighting for properties of all sizes so that you can enjoy beautiful holiday displays that will dazzle your customers, colleagues, and residents. We set up only the highest-quality Christmas lights and products to guarantee that your business and commercial lighting arrangement is as stunning and attractive as possible.

Benefits of our All Inclusive Commercial Christmas Lighting Services

If you’re a commercial property owner, you’ve got your hands full — especially during the busy holiday season! At Light Er Up MIA, we bring your Christmas lights and their timers to you so you can stay focused on what matters most: your business. Our technicians deliver lights, hidden timers, and concealed cords to your commercial property to ensure your display is on only when you want it to be. Have a specific set of lights you want to hang in mind? We’ll deliver decorations that meet your requirements and are sure to stun everyone in and around your commercial property!

As a commercial property owner, the last thing you need is added stress during the holidays. Trying to hang Christmas lights around your commercial property yourself isn’t a DIY job — At Light Er Up MIA, we provide commercial Christmas lighting in Miami FL that follows a safe, dependable, and fully warrantied installation process. Our technicians are experienced in hanging Christmas lights and decorations in busy business environments while causing as few distractions and disruptions as possible. To top it off, our installation process is covered under warranty to ensure that you’re never on the hook for potential damages and repairs.

As much as we love all things Christmas-related here at Light Er Up MIA, we understand that your lighting can become an eyesore once the holiday season has passed. As a commercial property owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about the hassle that comes with removing, organizing, and storing your decorations. Rather than taking everything down and storing it yourself, our technicians provide Christmas lighting removal and storage at no cost to you — we’ll arrive back at your commercial property before the end of January to take everything down, organize it, and place your decorations into storage for the offseason.

#1 Commercial Christmas Lighting Miami FL

Make Your Business Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

How Light Er Up MIA Compares To Other Commercial Christmas Lighting Companies

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Christmas light hanging service

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We Provide The Highest Quality Commercial Christmas Lighting In South Florida

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Frequently Asked Commercial Christmas Lighting Questions

It’s essential that commercial property owners work with lighting installers that carry the right kind of insurance — that’s why at Light Er Up MIA, we carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance to guarantee that you’re covered in the event that someone on your property gets hurt or something gets damaged.

Yes! At Light Er Up MIA, we only install LEDs that are of commercial-grade quality and that can’t be purchased at any of your local light retailers. Since we professionally install and store commercial-grade lights, you should expect your property’s lights to have a lifespan of at least ten years!

The best Christmas light installation companies will have your back if you need to have any repairs addressed. Our technicians at Light Er Up MIA take care of all lighting-related repairs at no extra cost to you so that your property’s lights are working properly for the entire holiday season.

Simply put, LED lights have transformed the Christmas lighting industry. Whereas incandescent lights can be a nightmare to install, LEDs do away with the vast majority of failure issues that come with incandescent lights. LEDs are easier to maintain and therefore can help you save money in the long run.

It’s pretty common for companies to work with independent contractors whom they don’t directly employ to take care of lighting installations. At Light Er Up MIA, our technicians directly oversee the entire installation process for your lights — we’re trained to properly install lights and maintain them throughout the holiday season.

It’s rare that commercial property owners like yourself have the time or know-how to install Christmas lights themselves. When you hire a commercial Christmas lighting installer like us, you don’t need to worry about getting on a ladder, touching an electrical cord, or repairing and replacing broken bulbs by yourself. Our team at Light Er Up MIA will handle it all for you!

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