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Florida may not be a winter wonderland, but it sure is chock-full of holiday spirit! At Light Er Up MIA, we’re proud to be your go-to source for Christmas light installation in Miami FL. Whether you need lighting for your home, commercial property, or landscape, we know how to light up your next Christmas season with dazzling and decorative lights that will make you say “wow!” Christmas is a time for celebration, not stress — if you don’t feel like lifting a finger when the holiday season rolls around, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Is it really Christmas if no lights are twinkling from your rooftop and trees? At Light Er Up MIA, we think the answer is a resounding “no”! We provide residential installations for Christmas lights that turn homes big and small into dazzling spectacles. If you’ve ever tried to light up your home yourself, you know that it’s no easy feat. Instead of hanging lights on a ladder all day long, why not give a group of professional installers like us a call instead? We’ll take care of your decorations so you can look forward to a Christmas you’ll never forget!

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When the holiday season is just around the corner, most businesses can be stretched pretty thin, to say the least! At Light Er Up MIA, we’ll take care of all your commercial property’s Christmas lighting to ensure you stay focused on your business and its clients. We tackle commercial light installations no matter the size of your property, and our technicians know how to set up your decorations in busy workplaces with little to no disruption. When you choose to work with us, you can look forward to Christmas light displays that are both workplace-safe and one hundred percent dependable.

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This Christmas, turn your landscape into a color-coordinated sight to behold! At Light Er Up MIA, we install decorative holiday lighting to turn your landscape design ideas into a reality. As beautiful as decorated landscapes can look, installing and maintaining lights for them can turn into a lot more work than you may have bargained for. Let us make your holiday lighting hassle-free — we use proven methods and systems to transform your landscape and the rest of your property into a well-lit wonderland. Get in touch with us to see how we handle Christmas lighting for residential and commercial landscapes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin offering Christmas light installations starting in October. We do this so that we can help as many customers as possible with their designs before Christmas. We can get pretty busy once October is here, so we recommend scheduling an appointment for your installation as soon as you can.

Yes — LEDs are energy-efficient lights that are more modern than incandescent bulbs. While they do cost more upfront than their incandescent counterparts, LEDs are a smart long-term investment, which typically means that using incandescent lights isn’t cheaper in the long run when it comes to saving money on your decorations.

So long as your blown bulb’s shunt is still intact, you can count on the rest of your string to keep working. If both your shunt and bulb become damaged, though, your light string won’t have an electric current flowing through it anymore, which can cause it to stop working. Don’t worry though, with our included maintenance, if any issues arise just give us a call and our team will come fix the problem quickly!

At Light Er Up MIA, our technicians rely on tons of handy tricks to safely hang your seasonal lights. If you’d like to learn all about our Christmas light installation process, we encourage you to give us a call today so that we can explain the details to you!

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